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Rachel Gitai is an artist with an impressive folio of educational credits, experience and academic interests. Born in Israel in 1954, she holds a B.A. Degree in creative art and literature (1975), a teaching art diploma (1977), a M.A. Degree in planning aesthetic education (1979), all from the University of Haifa, and she completed her Ph.D. studies in education (1982) at he Technion, Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel. During and after her studies, she concentrated on the teaching of children's book illustration, creativity, visual communication and interior design. Since 1975, Rachel has participated and organized exhibitions in the "Vizo" college, "Oranim" arts teachers school, The "Arab" college and the University of Haifa. Her works were acquired by private collections and galleries around the world, in Johannesburg South-Africa, Los Angeles and N.Y. U.S.A., London U.K. and in expositions in Israel.


Rachel creates art works as an inspirational art from receiving world recognition. Rachel's tactlle oils are constructed as multi-layer oil paintings, using her unique knife palette technique to provide exciting combination of colors, texture and design.


The sky collection introduces oil paintings produced during the 1988-1990 period. The paintings symbolize the sky patterns observed along the seasons cycle, yet they demonstrate the characteristic of Rachel's works. Her use of "in between" colors develop unique style which presents her insightful studies of nature.


These original oils by Rachel Gitai, with their vibrancy and new dimension of creativity arouse the intrigue of art collectors throughout the world. 

Oil Art

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At Home

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